The world and its technology seem to be changing more quickly than ever.

ePatterns has its roots in operating systems, software engineering and internet protocols. Now, for the next steps.

Blockchain, NFTs and Web3

Our consultants have

We can be engaged to release your NFT collection on whatever blockchain you choose or to plan your adoption of blockchain technologies. Get in touch at

ePatterns is excited to see how the blockchain innovation of an incredibly trustworthy ledger can be applied to all sorts of assets. All digital assets will eventually find their way to blockchains, and the world will benefit from greater transparency and agility. We will be involved in building it.

Artificial intelligence

Large Language Models (LLM) are the innovation of the last couple of years. They are set to bring efficiencies to so many industries. We use them ourselves in software engineering and are finding new ways to use them all the time. We would love to help you embrace and adopt LLMs in your business.