ePatterns EA Consultants

Photo of an office from above

Our Team

ePatterns has a core team of enterprise architects, cybersecurity architects, experienced engineers, business managers and support staff. A network of contributors, built over decades of architecture and engineering delivery, extends this team further.

Delivery Model

We operate a hybrid delivery model where consultants and engineers work as needs require,

  • on-site,
  • off-site, or
  • both on and off-site.

This can be supplemented with our existing relationships with a highly skilled group of selectively sourced contributors.

Our team is not a big adopter of social media, and we have a strong culture of protecting privacy.

Engagement Model

ePatterns follows the standard commercial engineering model of full disclosure, contract management and project-managed delivery.

It starts with an email to marketing@epatterns.com.au. We follow up with a phone or teleconference call. Where required, we can meet face to face, in person and schedule demonstrations and proposals. Delivery is professionally project-managed with regular reporting against plans. Billing is fortnightly with 30 days terms. We use video-conferencing tools, including Zoom, Slack, and MS Teams, and use Git, for source code and documentation. We like expectations to be clear, so we focus on written planning, monitoring and reporting and also embrace Agile Methods wherever they are helpful.


Our consultants report to your CEO, CIO or equivalent, and will present a monthly report of progress against goals.