We’ll help build your competency

Building a competency does not have to be that great of a challenge. There are proven ways to institutionalise processes and lead a change of direction.

ePatterns Consulting was built by consultants with a computer science background who have consulted tier-1 organisations in enterprise architecture for decades. From a hands-on industry background in technical infrastructure, their contributions now include leadership with the modern IT organisation’s frameworks, standards, processes and practices.

Our lead consultants originate from all four continents, and we pride ourselves on our experience and effectiveness in working across many cultures. We invariably work with diverse teams from many parts of the world and have learned to be effective remote coaches and managers.

  • Your Privacy and Public Blockchains

    Guest post from The Blockchain Badger on Privacy and the problem of reusing seed phrases and private keys across blockchains! Here’s the Blockchain Badger‘s discussion with the Privacy Platypus about our privacy and public blockchains. Oh, there you are, P.P. I haven’t seen you for weeks! Hi B.B., I’ve been keeping a low profile. I’ve…

  • The Case for Open FAIR – The Open Group FAIR Risk Management

    The quantitative risk management framework from the Factor Analysis of Information Risk (FAIR™) Institute has been adopted by The Open Group (O-RA ver 2.0.1), providing extra support, including, Together these resources provide the analyst with a rich collection of resources to make the best of the FAIR standard. Benefits Risk Management is an integral part of today’s organisations. The qualitative frameworks…

  • DePIN, IoT Smart Cities and Critical Infrastructure

    With the rise of cloud service providers and the explosion of the Internet of Things (IoT), an increasingly common solution incorporates smart sensor networks communicating with cloud-hosted applications. IoT Networks and The Cloud Most cloud service providers include technology to ease the engineering of these solutions. IoT devices can be partitioned into those, that We…